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Russia B2B Marketplace -

Russia B2B Marketplace is part of B2B Marketplace and it is displaying mainly companies, products and buy / sell trade leads from Russia. If you are a company from Russia or would like to do business with companies from Russia or would like your company to be listed on Russia B2B Website you are welcome to create a free account.

Top Companies from Russia

Logo Company - Description
Ooo Apex Group: Seller of: mazut m100 7599, high speed diesel, jet fuel, bitumen, rebco, lng lpg, en590, fertilizers, urea.Ooo Apex Group
We are joint Company under Sakhalin oil refinery owned by Rosneft oil company Russian federation, we are an oil agent with experiences of over 10 years. We have an allocation ready for immediate lifting from major oil producer, we do have an Immedia...

Member since 25 April, 2014 from Moscow, Russia
We are regularly Selling: urea, fertilizers, en590, lng lpg, rebco, bitumen, jet fuel, high speed diesel, mazut m100 7599.
Primary Business Type(s): Agent
Buy & Sell Offers: 1 Trade Lead posted by Ooo Apex Group
Products: 0 - No Current Products
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Dima Global Trade: Seller of: bitumen, cst 180, d2, d6, jet fuel, lpg, mazut m100, rebco, urea.Dima Global Trade
We are Mandate Company that connects prospective clients to end sellers, refineries and manufacturers. Our oil reservoirs in Rotterdam and Russian port makes our transaction smooth, efficient and transparent. We sell D2,D6,Jp54 on CIF, FOB, CI-DI...

Member since 20 July, 2009 from Moscow, Russia
We are regularly Selling: urea, rebco, mazut m100, lpg, jet fuel, d6, d2, cst 180, bitumen.
Primary Business Type(s): Trading Company, Agent
Buy & Sell Offers: 2 Trade Leads posted by Dima Global Trade
Products: 1 Product on sale by Dima Global Trade
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Llc. Resource: Seller of: d2 diesel gas oil, mazut m100 10585-7599, urea prilled, jet fuel jp54 jet fuel jpa1, rebco bitumen, urea granuard, timber board, lpg lng cst, gasoline ago.Llc. Resource
Our Urea, Timber, Board, Oil and Gas is offered by us CONSULTING COMPANY LLC'' RESOURCE on behalf of our sellers considering needs of diverse industrial sectors. We make sure that we supply Urea, Timber, Board, Oil and Gas of high quality from reliab...

Member since 2 February, 2012 from Moscow, Russia
We are regularly Selling: d2 diesel gas oil, mazut m100 10585-7599, urea prilled, jet fuel jp54 jet fuel jpa1, rebco bitumen, urea granuard, timber board, lpg lng cst, gasoline ago.
Primary Business Type(s): Manufacturer, Trading Company, Agent
Buy & Sell Offers: 655 Trade Leads posted by Llc. Resource
Products: 1 Product on sale by Llc. Resource
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''ROSNEFT'' Siberia Oil Refinery: Seller of: d2, diesel, jet fuel, jp54 jet fuel, kerosene, mazut, rebco, lpg.''ROSNEFT'' Siberia Oil Refinery
RUSS OIL, we are independent Oil producer with our Refineries in Sakhalin, Russia, and we sell in both the spot and in contract markets. D2 diesel fuel, JP54 Kerosene Jet Fuel, Mazut-100, REBCO and Russian LPG, our prices are negotiable.

Member since 19 August, 2008 from Siberia, Russia
We are regularly Selling: d2, diesel, jet fuel, jp54 jet fuel, kerosene, mazut, rebco, lpg.
Primary Business Type(s): Manufacturer
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
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OAO Gabneft Sakhalin Oil.: Seller of: bitumen, crude oil, d2, diesel, jet fuel, mazut, natural gas, m100, rebco.OAO Gabneft Sakhalin Oil.
OAO GABNEFT is among the top oil company from Russia federation, we are dealing with major petroleum products of Russia origin, “OAO GABNEFT GAS LTD”, Our Company is a fuel Crude Oil (diesel, petrol and paraffin) Export and refinery company Locat...

Member since 15 February, 2010 from Sakhalin, Russia
We are regularly Selling: bitumen, crude oil, d2, diesel, jet fuel, mazut, natural gas, m100, rebco.
Primary Business Type(s): Agent
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
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Trade Leads from from Russia

* Sell: D2, m100, rebco, jp54, cst-180, urea 46
* Sell: We Sell Mazut, JP54, RussianDiesel D2, D6, LNG, LPG
* Sell: Crude oil
* Sell: Biomass fuel wood pellets
* Sell: Petroleum Products
* Sell: D6
* Sell: LPG/LNG
* Sell: UREA
* Sell: JP54/JET A1
* Sell: Crude Oil
* Sell: Jatrotha Oil
* Sell: Base Oil
* Sell: Used Cooking Oil
* Sell: D2 DIESEL
* Sell: MAZUT
* Sell: Olive Oil, Molasses, Glycerine, rapeseed meal, corn feed, Yellow Corn, Wheat
* Sell: Jp54
* Sell: Rough Diamonds stones, Uncut Diamond, Polished Diamond Gemstones
* Sell: Double A4 copier paper, copier paper
* Sell: Ruby gemstones, Pearl gemstones, Peridot Rough Stone
* Sell: Sapphire gemstones, Opal gemstones, Topaz gemstones, Emerald gemstones
* Sell: Ruby gemstones, Pearl gemstones, Diamonds, Amethyst gemstones
* Sell: Edible snails (Helix Aspersa)
* Sell: Polypropylene Granules, Virgin PP /HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE granules
* Sell: Refined corn oil, Palm oil CP8, Vegetable cooking oil
* Sell: Cut bale Alfalfa hay, animal feeds
* Sell: Carbon Additive/Carburizer, Calcined Petroleum Coke Spec: FC>98.5%
* Sell: Calcined petroleum coke
* Sell: Concrete Treatment Cement TC 500
* Sell: Grey Portland Cement 42.5 R
* Sell: Construction Grade Grey Portland Cement 42.5r
* Sell: Diesel Oil, Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel 50 ppm
* Sell: M100 GOST 10585-75 from Russia
* Sell: GAS OIL 0.2/62, GOST 305-82
* Sell: Fuel oil M100
* Sell: D-6 VIRGIN fuel oil D6 (LPFO)
* Sell: Gray Elm log and White Ash Log, Veneer Logs & Saw Logs
* Sell: Yanmar D36 ALXE-P Marine Diesel Outboard 36 HP
* Sell: Green Shine Skin Pumpkin Seeds Kernels with Grade AA
* Sell: Aviation fuel TS-1,Gasoil (D2),ULSD
* Sell: Pumpkin Seeds Kernels with Grade AA
* Sell: Used Japanese auto Tyres
* Sell: Frozen goats meat
* Sell: Frozen meat Tenderloin, Heel muscle, Ribs, Beef tongue, Heart, Liver, Lungs
* Sell: Frozen meat Pulp boneless, Brisket, Blade, Neck, Ribeye, Splints
* Sell: FROZEN Boneless Skinless Half Chicken Breast Without Inner Fillet
* Sell: Whole Chicken (Griller)
* Sell: Frozen Halal chicken wings
* Sell: Halal frozen chicken breast fillet
* Sell: FROZEN Boneless Mutton Legs, Meat, Shoulder, Forequarter
* Sell: Frozen Lamb mutton meat
* Sell: Bison (Buffalo) Meat
* Sell: Pork Meal (50/55% Protein)
* Sell: Blood Meal (90% Protein)
* Sell: Meat and Bone Meal 47% protein

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   Russia honey Suppliers
   Russia aviation kerosene Suppliers
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   Russia iron ore Suppliers
   Russia coking coal Suppliers
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   Russia steel Suppliers
   Russia d2 gasoil Suppliers
   Russia cst180 Suppliers
   Russia metal Suppliers
   Russia sulfur Suppliers
   Russia mazut m-100 Suppliers
   Russia copper powder Suppliers
   Russia wood pellets Suppliers
   Russia grain Suppliers
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   Russia sunflower Suppliers
   Russia wheat bran Suppliers
   Russia hms Suppliers
   Russia sawn timber Suppliers
   Russia ammonium nitrate Suppliers
   Russia hms 12 Suppliers
   Russia millet Suppliers
   Russia chickpeas Suppliers
   Russia jp-54 Suppliers
   Russia en590 Suppliers
   Russia hms12 Suppliers
   Russia furniture Suppliers
   Russia metals Suppliers
   Russia nickel Suppliers
   Russia buckwheat Suppliers
   Russia lubricant Suppliers
   Russia d2 oil Suppliers
   Russia meat Suppliers
   Russia kerosene Suppliers
   Russia jetfuel Suppliers

   d2 from Russia
   jp54 from Russia
   rebco from Russia
   mazut from Russia
   lng from Russia
   bitumen from Russia
   urea from Russia
   lpg from Russia
   jet fuel from Russia
   crude oil from Russia
   mazut m100 from Russia
   m100 from Russia
   cement from Russia
   wheat from Russia
   coal from Russia
   gasoline from Russia
   sunflower oil from Russia
   diesel from Russia
   mazut 100 from Russia
   base oil from Russia
   d2 gas oil from Russia
   d6 from Russia
   wheat flour from Russia
   fertilizer from Russia
   dap from Russia
   fuel oil from Russia
   barley from Russia
   urea 46% from Russia
   oil from Russia
   steam coal from Russia
   sugar from Russia
   urea 46 from Russia
   used rails from Russia
   timber from Russia
   fertilizers from Russia
   diesel d2 from Russia
   blco from Russia
   used rail from Russia
   gold from Russia
   jp 54 from Russia
   wood from Russia
   flour from Russia
   d2 diesel from Russia
   lumber from Russia
   corn from Russia
   fuel from Russia
   copper from Russia
   gas from Russia
   cst 180 from Russia
   rice from Russia
   jet fuel jp54 from Russia
   mazut100 from Russia
   natural gas from Russia
   petroleum from Russia
   npk from Russia
   plywood from Russia
   diesel oil from Russia
   slco from Russia
   chemicals from Russia
   vodka from Russia
   gas oil from Russia
   sulphur from Russia
   diesel fuel from Russia
   honey from Russia
   aviation kerosene from Russia
   ago from Russia
   gasoil from Russia
   iron ore from Russia
   coking coal from Russia
   charcoal from Russia
   steel from Russia
   d2 gasoil from Russia
   cst180 from Russia
   metal from Russia
   sulfur from Russia
   mazut m-100 from Russia
   copper powder from Russia
   wood pellets from Russia
   grain from Russia
   pellets from Russia
   sunflower from Russia
   wheat bran from Russia
   hms from Russia
   sawn timber from Russia
   ammonium nitrate from Russia
   hms 12 from Russia
   millet from Russia
   chickpeas from Russia
   jp-54 from Russia
   en590 from Russia
   hms12 from Russia
   furniture from Russia
   metals from Russia
   nickel from Russia
   buckwheat from Russia
   lubricant from Russia
   d2 oil from Russia
   meat from Russia
   kerosene from Russia
   jetfuel from Russia

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