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Zambia B2B Marketplace -

Zambia B2B Marketplace is part of B2B Marketplace and it is displaying mainly companies, products and buy / sell trade leads from Zambia. If you are a company from Zambia or would like to do business with companies from Zambia or would like your company to be listed on Zambia B2B Website you are welcome to create a free account.

Top Companies from Zambia

Logo Company - Description
Commodity Exchange Limited: Seller of: coltan, copper cathodes, copper ore, diamond, gold bars, gold dust, gold nuggets, gold slimes, tantalite. Buyer of: gold mine, investment, mining.Commodity Exchange Limited
COMMODITY EXCHANGE LIMITED is a registered company which has been a leader since its inception in the field of trading with precious metals, platinum group metals, non ferrous metals, minor metals, rare earths, minerals ores, fuels, petroleum, oil, a...

Member since 1 April, 2011 from Chingola, Zambia
We are regularly Selling: tantalite, gold slimes, gold nuggets, gold dust, gold bars, diamond, copper ore, copper cathodes, coltan.
We are regularly Buying: mining, investment, gold mine.
Primary Business Type(s): Trading Company
Buy & Sell Offers: 5 Trade Leads posted by Commodity Exchange Limited
Products: 0 - No Current Products
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Birami: Seller of: base metals, copper ore, copper cathode, colbalt, tin, cassetarite, tantalum, scrap metal.Birami
Binani Zambia Limited is a Zambia based trading company.

Member since 14 February, 2008 from Lusaka, Zambia
We are regularly Selling: base metals, copper ore, copper cathode, colbalt, tin, cassetarite, tantalum, scrap metal.
Primary Business Type(s): Trading Company
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
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Stefanton Electric: Seller of: cctv cameras, gps tracker, website development, electrical, cleaning services, oil spill containment equipment, vaults, construction, consultancy. Buyer of: cctv cameras, cctv installation, electrical engineering, gps trackers, security consultancy, vault door supplying, website development and design, email hosting services, cleaning and safety.Stefanton Electric
Stefanton offers wide range of services like cctv installation, electrical engineering works, cleaning services, construction, web and Email solutions, communication solutions. Years of experience have enabled us to give our customers affordable, cus...

Member since 29 October, 2016 from Kitwe, Zambia
We are regularly Selling: consultancy, construction, vaults, oil spill containment equipment, cleaning services, electrical, website development, gps tracker, cctv cameras.
We are regularly Buying: cleaning and safety, email hosting services, website development and design, vault door supplying, security consultancy, gps trackers, electrical engineering, cctv installation, cctv cameras.
Primary Business Type(s): Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company, Agent
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
Miltman Agency: Seller of: desktop computers, servers racks, printers, laptop computer, electronic spares parts, software, computer accessories, ink toner cartridges, electrical products. Buyer of: desktop computers, servers racks, printers, laptop computer, electronic spares parts, software, computer accessories, ink toner cartridges, electrical products.Miltman Agency
Miltman Agency is An indigenous Zambian company incorporated in may 2006 as a company limited by shares. It is engaged in the supply of electrical, mechanical and mining spares as well as provision of turnkey service solutions to the processing and m...

Member since 10 April, 2008 from Lusaka, Zambia
We are regularly Selling: desktop computers, servers racks, printers, laptop computer, electronic spares parts, software, computer accessories, ink toner cartridges, electrical products.
We are regularly Buying: desktop computers, servers racks, printers, laptop computer, electronic spares parts, software, computer accessories, ink toner cartridges, electrical products.
Primary Business Type(s): Trading Company
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
Monks Ruins Trading: Seller of: laundry products, iron board covers, universal vegetable peelers, ironing boards, agent fuel supply, export food stuufs, hotel products, mining equipments and cables, agricultural products. Buyer of: ndry products, iron board covers, universsal veg peelers, cloth folders, canned food stuffs, vegetables, kitchen utensils, mining and agricultural products, medical accessories.Monks Ruins Trading
Monks Trading is a general trading company. We manufacture, resell and distribute a wide range of products within Southern Africa, central and East Africa. We currently deal with chain store retailers such as SPAR, pick and pay, game stores. We stock...

Member since 3 February, 2010 from Ndola, Zambia
We are regularly Selling: agricultural products, mining equipments and cables, hotel products, export food stuufs, agent fuel supply, ironing boards, universal vegetable peelers, iron board covers, laundry products.
We are regularly Buying: medical accessories, mining and agricultural products, kitchen utensils, vegetables, canned food stuffs, cloth folders, universsal veg peelers, iron board covers, ndry products.
Primary Business Type(s): Manufacturer, Distributor / Wholesaler, Importer / Exporter
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
Trade Leads from from Zambia

* Sell: Copper Cathodes
* Sell: 300 kg Gold Bars 99.4%
* Sell: 200 kg Gold Dust 88.7% ready for export
* Sell: 200 kg Gold Nuggets 93.6% ready for export
* Biz. Op.: Agency cooperation.
* Sell: White Maize - Non GMO from Zambia
* Biz. Op.: We are regularly Selling: mining land, emerald mine, copper ore, iron
* Biz. Op.: Looking for investors and projects developers from all over the world
* Sell: Pos Offline /Online Transaction
* Sell: Forklift tyrez
* Sell: 3000 carats Rough Diamond ready for export
* Sell: Tantalite
* Sell: Hard wood
* Biz. Op.: Tantalite mining
* Sell: Cut And Polished Fancy Diamond
* Buy: Electrical Equipment
* Buy: School Desks
* Buy: Gold Bullion
* Sell: Ruogh Diamonds
* Sell: Rough Diamods/Brinls Or Malca
* Sell: Gold Dore
* Sell: Rough Diamonds
* Buy: Cut And Polished Diamonds
* Biz. Op.: Gold mine ready for investment.
* Buy: Gold Bullion Need
* Sell: AU OFFER: Full Bank Responsibility HSBC HKG MT600
* Sell: Used Cooking Oil For Sale
* Sell: Rough Diamonds
* Biz. Op.: Make cash online
* Biz. Op.: Marketing/ earn instant cash
* Sell: Tantallite Ore
* Biz. Op.: Looking for parners
* Buy: Sulpher
* Sell: Copper Cathodes
* Biz. Op.: Road Contractors wanted for JV
* Sell: Copper Cathodes
* Biz. Op.: Corporate Loan
* Sell: Gem Quality Rough Diamonds
* Sell: Selling moringa, copper and manganese ores, partners
* Buy: Rough Diamonds Request
* Sell: Copper Mine for Sale
* Buy: Bitumen wanted
* Buy: Rough Diamonds
* Buy: Re: Gold Bullion Hong Kong
* Biz. Op.: Project Participation
* Sell: Rough Diamonds
* Sell: Gold Bars/Dore
* Buy: Gold Bullion
* Sell: Rough Diamonds
* Sell: Gold Bullion
* Sell: Gold Bullion Offer
* Biz. Op.: Business Acquisition Loan
* Sell: Rough Diamonds
* Sell: Thai Rice
* Buy: Gold Bullion In Bank
* Buy: Gold Bullion
* Sell: Gold Bullion
* Sell: Gold dore

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