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Benin B2B Marketplace -

Benin B2B Marketplace is part of B2B Marketplace and it is displaying mainly companies, products and buy / sell trade leads from Benin. If you are a company from Benin or would like to do business with companies from Benin or would like your company to be listed on Benin B2B Website you are welcome to create a free account.

Top Companies from Benin

Logo Company - Description
Carpediem Corporation: Seller of: agricultural products, beverages, cashew, cotton, soyabean, oil, pineapples, rice, sugar. Buyer of: rice, sugar, palm oil, sunflower oil.Carpediem Corporation
Carpediem Corporation is Leading Sugar and Palm Oil markets in West Africa. We use simplified procedure because we know the requirements of Buyers (mainly in Africa). We never ask advance payments and all the transaction are made bank to bank. We...

Member since 27 September, 2012 from Cotonou, Benin
We are regularly Selling: cashew, oil, beverages, rice, sugar, agricultural products, cotton, soyabean, pineapples.
We are regularly Buying: rice, sugar, sunflower oil, palm oil.
Primary Business Type(s): Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company, Importer / Exporter
Buy & Sell Offers: 5 Trade Leads posted by Carpediem Corporation
Products: 0 - No Current Products
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Ste Alabi Group SarlSte Alabi Group Sarl
Import Export, General Trading

Member since 1 November, 2007 from Cotonou, Benin
Primary Business Type(s): Importer / Exporter
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
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Cooperate Groupe Inter. . Sarl: Seller of: cocoa beans, cotton seeds, cassava, palm fruits, peanuts, palm nuts, sesame seeds, cotton wool, cashew nuts. Buyer of: frozen fish, dry fish, canned fish, tomatoes paste, spaghetti, rice, vegetable oil, canned drinks, wineswhiskey.Cooperate Groupe Inter. . Sarl
We are importers of Foods and Beverages. And exporters of Agricultural output commodities. Join this COOPERATE GROUP and you will get popular in West Africa. Imports: Frozen Fish, Dry Fish, Canned Fish, Frozen Chicken, Tomatoes paste, Spaghe...

Member since 23 March, 2011 from Cotonou, Benin
We are regularly Selling: peanuts, sesame seeds, cassava, cashew nuts, cocoa beans, cotton seeds, palm nuts, cotton wool, palm fruits.
We are regularly Buying: rice, canned fish, spaghetti, frozen fish, canned drinks, vegetable oil, dry fish, tomatoes paste, wineswhiskey.
Primary Business Type(s): Trading Company, Agent, Importer / Exporter
Buy & Sell Offers: 2 Trade Leads posted by Cooperate Groupe Inter. . Sarl
Products: 0 - No Current Products
YEMALIN Company: Seller of: african art, cashew nuts, cocoa nuts, cotton, palm nuts, real estate, shea nuts, teak lumber, vinery crafts. Buyer of: building paper, hangers, hardware, osb, plywood, strong ties, tools.YEMALIN Company
We are pioneers in the development and advocates for a future Africa. We are a private sector firm with over 10 years of experience in socio-economic development in Africa.  Our business ventures primarily in the Ar...

Member since 20 April, 2009 from Porto-Novo, Benin
We are regularly Selling: cashew nuts, cotton, shea nuts, real estate, palm nuts, teak lumber, cocoa nuts, african art, vinery crafts.
We are regularly Buying: plywood, tools, hardware, osb, hangers, building paper, strong ties.
Primary Business Type(s): Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company, Agent
Buy & Sell Offers: 1 Trade Lead posted by YEMALIN Company
Products: 1 Product on sale by YEMALIN Company
Ets Gaty Esco Bulk Imports: Seller of: charcoal, wood charcoal, wood charcoal, wood charcoal, wood charcoal, wood charcoal, timber, palm oil, cocoa seed. Buyer of: fresh frozen fish, biscuits, tomatoe paste, chocolates, apples, spagheti, wines, beverages, confectioneries.Ets Gaty Esco Bulk Imports
We are known and registered as Ets Gaty Esco Bulk Imports, based in Cotonou Benin. We are interested in opening up negotiations with potential listed companies aimed at importingFresh frozen fish, stock fish, Apples, Biscuits, Chocolates Candies and ...

Member since 1 June, 2011 from Cotonou, Benin
We are regularly Selling: timber, charcoal, palm oil, cocoa seed, wood charcoal.
We are regularly Buying: wines, biscuits, beverages, chocolates, apples, confectioneries, tomatoe paste, spagheti, fresh frozen fish.
Primary Business Type(s): Agent, Buying Office, Importer / Exporter
Buy & Sell Offers: 1 Trade Lead posted by Ets Gaty Esco Bulk Imports
Products: 0 - No Current Products
Trade Leads from from Benin

* Sell: Soya Bean For Sale
* Buy: T-shirts needed
* Sell: Raw cashew nuts in shell for sale 2021 crop
* Buy: T-shirts manufacturer needed
* Buy: Garbage Bags Needed
* Biz. Op.: Joint Venture or Win-Win Partnership.
* Buy: Pasta, Wines, Energy Drinks
* Buy: Pasta/Spaghetti/macaroni needed.
* Buy: Olive oil/Mineral water needed.
* Buy: Alcoholic drinks
* Biz. Op.: Loan, is the mention Properties, whit an 2% Property Value Increase a
* Buy: Wants to buy Garlic., Pasta, spaghetti and macaroni.
* Buy: WE BUY security PRODUCTS
* Buy: Wants to buy bathing soaps/dertergents
* Buy: Wants to buy soaps/detergents/laundry soaps
* Sell: We have instock for sale, soya seeds
* Buy: We wants to buy educational materials of all kinds
* Buy: Want to buy construction biulding materials
* Buy: Wants to buy tea/beverages products
* Buy: Wants to buy new and used android phones
* Buy: Wants to buy woofers/speakers/plasma tvs used or new
* Buy: We wants to buy Girls dresses
* Buy: Want to buy apple fruits
* Sell: We want to sale cashew nuts/ soya beans
* Buy: Wants To Buy Computers/Note Books, New Or Used.
* Buy: Wants to buy bevrages/wines.
* Buy: We wants to buy eddible vegetable cooking oil
* Buy: Want to buy, lamps, flashes, fuses.
* Buy: Wants to buy can tomato paste/ketchup
* Buy: Wants To Buy summer Tropicam Mix Used Clothings
* Buy: Wants To Buy Wheat Flour For Baking Breads
* Buy: We want to buy fresh potatoes
* Buy: Want to buy frozen foods., Fisheries, etc...
* Buy: We wants to buy Rice
* Sell: We sell Raw cashew nuts
* Buy: Want to buy animal meat, pork meat, edible meat frozen meat.
* Buy: We want to buy.
* Buy: Wants to buy new/used smart android phones
* Buy: Wants to buy medications/medical instruments.
* Buy: WANTS TO BUY new/used cars
* Buy: Want to buy potatoes
* Buy: Wants to buy irish potatoes
* Buy: Wants to buy spaghetis
* Buy: Want to buy tobacco
* Buy: Wants to buy mosquito coils, babys mosquito coils/detergents.
* Buy: Wants to buy tea
* Buy: Wants to buy mosquito coils, mosquito spray, mosquito repellent.
* Buy: Wants to buy
* Buy: We wants to buy educational items/stationa/schools equipmentsries
* Buy: We Want To Buy.
* Buy: Bullet Proof Vest Needed
* Buy: T-shirts needed
* Sell: Wants to sale, aluminum, copper wires, aluminum ingots, steel irons, w
* Buy: Clothing t-shirts needed
* Buy: Clothing demand
* Sell: Raw cashew nuts for sale
* Buy: Bulk Tee shirt is needed
* Biz. Op.: Investment Opportunity

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   Benin tiles Suppliers
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   Benin palm nuts Suppliers
   Benin milk powder Suppliers
   Benin cotton seed Suppliers
   Benin hms 1-2 Suppliers
   Benin wood charcoal Suppliers
   Benin coffee Suppliers
   Benin ago Suppliers
   Benin birds Suppliers
   Benin gold bars Suppliers
   Benin used shoe Suppliers
   Benin tomato paste Suppliers
   Benin iron ore Suppliers
   Benin mobile phones Suppliers
   Benin petroleum Suppliers
   Benin au gold dust Suppliers
   Benin copper cathode Suppliers
   Benin frozen chicken Suppliers
   Benin bitter kola Suppliers
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   Benin coconut oil Suppliers
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   palm oil from Benin
   gold from Benin
   timber from Benin
   diamond from Benin
   wood from Benin
   cashew nut from Benin
   cocoa from Benin
   cement from Benin
   sesame seeds from Benin
   beverages from Benin
   raw cashew nuts from Benin
   cashew from Benin
   used clothing from Benin
   shea butter from Benin
   shea nuts from Benin
   electronics from Benin
   vegetable oil from Benin
   used cars from Benin
   canned foods from Benin
   frozen foods from Benin
   soya beans from Benin
   laptops from Benin
   wine from Benin
   oil from Benin
   shoes from Benin
   honey from Benin
   used rails from Benin
   gold bar from Benin
   onions from Benin
   textile from Benin
   cassava from Benin
   building materials from Benin
   textiles from Benin
   rough diamond from Benin
   woods from Benin
   computers from Benin
   charcoal from Benin
   petroleum products from Benin
   used clothings from Benin
   d2 from Benin
   used shoes from Benin
   cars from Benin
   pineapple from Benin
   cooking oil from Benin
   ginger from Benin
   used clothes from Benin
   scrap from Benin
   maize from Benin
   coconut from Benin
   used bags from Benin
   food from Benin
   cocoa seed from Benin
   vegetables from Benin
   dried pepper from Benin
   copper from Benin
   cotton seeds from Benin
   palm kernel from Benin
   dogs from Benin
   scraps from Benin
   used rail from Benin
   foods from Benin
   hms from Benin
   reptiles from Benin
   phones from Benin
   frozen chickens from Benin
   bags from Benin
   wheat flour from Benin
   cocoa beans from Benin
   tiles from Benin
   jeans from Benin
   coconuts from Benin
   palm nuts from Benin
   milk powder from Benin
   cotton seed from Benin
   hms 1-2 from Benin
   wood charcoal from Benin
   coffee from Benin
   ago from Benin
   birds from Benin
   gold bars from Benin
   used shoe from Benin
   tomato paste from Benin
   iron ore from Benin
   mobile phones from Benin
   petroleum from Benin
   au gold dust from Benin
   copper cathode from Benin
   frozen chicken from Benin
   bitter kola from Benin
   biscuits from Benin
   coconut oil from Benin
   milk from Benin
   sesame seed from Benin
   bonny light from Benin

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