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Botswana B2B Marketplace -

Botswana B2B Marketplace is part of B2B Marketplace and it is displaying mainly companies, products and buy / sell trade leads from Botswana. If you are a company from Botswana or would like to do business with companies from Botswana or would like your company to be listed on Botswana B2B Website you are welcome to create a free account.

Top Companies from Botswana

Logo Company - Description
Shady Studio: Seller of: apron, mugs, plates, tiles, badge, sports bottles, key ring, jewelery box, wall hangers. Buyer of: sublimation, mmachinery suply, invitation cards, promotional products, t -shirts, clothes, secretarial services, printing, graphic design.Shady Studio
We supply and print: Apron, Award Plaque, Imprintable Baby Bib Light Blue Imprintable Baby Bib Light Pink Imprintable Baby Bib Imprintable Baby Bib - Yellow - Economy Sublimateable Shopping Bag - white Shopping Bag with Flex...

Member since 24 April, 2008 from Gaborone, Botswana
We are regularly Selling: tiles, plates, jewelery box, badge, apron, mugs, key ring, sports bottles, wall hangers.
We are regularly Buying: clothes, printing, t -shirts, graphic design, invitation cards, sublimation, promotional products, secretarial services, mmachinery suply.
Primary Business Type(s): Trading Company
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
Zeppelin Botswana Construction Co.: Seller of: architecture, construction, supply, transport, clerk of works, landscaping, real estate, site survey, interior architecture. Buyer of: cement, bricks, roofing sheets, timber, floor tiles, glass, steel frames, aluminium, paint.Zeppelin Botswana Construction Co.
Zeppelin Botswana Construction Co. was formed in october 2008, with plans to become a leading provider of construction and renovation services in the local area. The company's overall strategy will be based on a continuing improvement process...

Member since 15 July, 2009 from Maun, Botswana
We are regularly Selling: construction, transport, real estate, landscaping, supply, architecture, site survey, interior architecture, clerk of works.
We are regularly Buying: floor tiles, cement, timber, glass, bricks, roofing sheets, paint, aluminium, steel frames.
Primary Business Type(s): Agent
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
Absolute Personnel t/a AIM: Seller of: fencing materials, plumbing material, sanitaryware, abrasives, pex al pex pipe and fittings, suspended ceilings, taps, iron mongery, instant water heaters. Buyer of: pex pipe and fittings, solar inverters, waterless urinals, plumbing material, fencing equipment, power tools, taps, sinks, instant water heaters.Absolute Personnel t/a AIM
AIM was established in 1998 to service the building contractors, Plumbing contractors, engineering consultants, Architects, Public and the Botswana Government. Our mission is to provide a service to all the above in specifying our products to the mar...

Member since 6 November, 2007 from Gaborone, Botswana
We are regularly Selling: abrasives, sanitaryware, taps, plumbing material, suspended ceilings, instant water heaters, fencing materials, iron mongery, pex al pex pipe and fittings.
We are regularly Buying: plumbing material, power tools, taps, solar inverters, sinks, instant water heaters, pex pipe and fittings, waterless urinals, fencing equipment.
Primary Business Type(s): Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company, Agent
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 1 Product on sale by Absolute Personnel t/a AIM
Instantly Organic (Pty) Ltd: Seller of: threespot tilapia per fish 18kg, threespot tilapia per fingerling 03kg, lettuce per head 068kg, herbs per kg, specialty greens per kg, vermiculture, compost, home-based aquaponic farming kit, merchandise. Buyer of: lightweight expandable clay aggregate, pvc pipes, submersible water pumps, ibc1000l food grade container, seeds, fish food tilapia, solar power.Instantly Organic (Pty) Ltd
Ours is an African initiative executed by African women and mothers, oriented in self improvement and psychological detoxification in the form of culturally enhancing and infromative platforms; which invite investment in order to further empoyment fo...

Member since 28 January, 2015 from Gaborone, Botswana
We are regularly Selling: compost, threespot tilapia per fish 18kg, threespot tilapia per fingerling 03kg, lettuce per head 068kg, herbs per kg, specialty greens per kg, vermiculture, home-based aquaponic farming kit, merchandise.
We are regularly Buying: seeds, pvc pipes, solar power, lightweight expandable clay aggregate, submersible water pumps, ibc1000l food grade container, fish food tilapia.
Primary Business Type(s): Manufacturer
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
Mlalazie Media: Seller of: customised promotional products, web services, digital printing, branding, multi media services, advertising, graphic designing, photography and video filming, personalised t-shirts caps jackets ceramics. Buyer of: unbranded caps t-shirts jackets, vinyl products, stationery, grahic designing software, printing supplies.Mlalazie Media
We are a media solutions company offering innovative cutting edge services in Branding, Digital Printing, Graphic Designing, Web solutions, Photography and Video Filming. Our niche is in our ability to merge proven methods in the industry with new an...

Member since 11 October, 2014 from Pittsburgh, Botswana
We are regularly Selling: digital printing, branding, advertising, graphic designing, customised promotional products, web services, multi media services, photography and video filming, personalised t-shirts caps jackets ceramics.
We are regularly Buying: stationery, unbranded caps t-shirts jackets, vinyl products, grahic designing software, printing supplies.
Primary Business Type(s): Manufacturer
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
Trade Leads from from Botswana

* Sell: Canned beef and frozen beef
* Sell: African Traditional Basketry
* Buy: Rice suppliers
* Sell: Morula carrier oil
* Sell: Used clothing bales for sale
* Buy: Wedding gown (used or new)
* Sell: Tree lucerne tagasaste seeds
* Sell: Double-stage vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System
* Sell: Transformer Oil Purification Systems / Dielectric Oil Recycling Plant
* Sell: Turbine Oil Purifier / Oil Treatment / Oil Reclaim (TY)
* Sell: Transformer oil vacuum dehydration
* Sell: Healthy Marula wild fruit snack foods
* Sell: Broadcast Camera Support Spare Parts
* Sell: 2 Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification / Oil Filtration
* Sell: Double-Stage Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier Oil Filtration
* Sell: Insulating Transformer Oil Vacuum Filtration System
* Sell: Salt
* Sell: Transformer Oil Purifier
* Buy: Cassava exporters wanted
* Sell: Double Stages Transformer Oil Purifier
* Sell: Double Stages Transformer Oil Purifier
* Sell: Series ZYD Double Stages Transfomer Oil Purifier
* Sell: ZYD Series Dielectric Oil Filtration Plant
* Buy: Ethanol Blending Plants
* Buy: Animal fodders

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