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Guyana B2B Marketplace -

Guyana B2B Marketplace is part of B2B Marketplace and it is displaying mainly companies, products and buy / sell trade leads from Guyana. If you are a company from Guyana or would like to do business with companies from Guyana or would like your company to be listed on Guyana B2B Website you are welcome to create a free account.

Top Companies from Guyana

Logo Company - Description
Tropicano Zoo: Seller of: birds, caiman skins, mamals, monkeys, reptiles, anaconda skins.Tropicano Zoo
Exporting from Guyana for over 40 years. We supply live reptiles, mammals, parakeets, toucans, birds, primates, caimans, poison arrow frogs, amphibian and arthropods.

Member since 3 September, 2010 from Georgetown, Guyana
We are regularly Selling: birds, monkeys, reptiles, mamals, caiman skins, anaconda skins.
Primary Business Type(s): Importer / Exporter
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
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R&M Shipping Agency: Seller of: greenheart, mora, wamara, darina, tatabu, shibidan, kabukalli, purpleheart, lumber.R&M Shipping Agency
R&M Shipping Agency was established in Georgetown, Guyana in 2003, Our vision is to exceed our customers expectations by providing the highest quality products and services. We are exporters Various Species of Hardwood Logs such as Purpleheart, Wamar...

Member since 6 April, 2010 from Georgetown, Guyana
We are regularly Selling: lumber, wamara, mora, greenheart, purpleheart, tatabu, shibidan, kabukalli, darina.
Primary Business Type(s): Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company, Importer / Exporter
Buy & Sell Offers: 4 Trade Leads posted by R&M Shipping Agency
Products: 1 Product on sale by R&M Shipping Agency
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Ahmad Group Building Supply: Seller of: wood, ceramic, porcelain, toiles, hand sinks, pinewoos, precious wood, mosaics. Buyer of: pinewood, plywood, palletwood.Ahmad Group Building Supply
We Sale All Kinds Of Wood From South America, Pine Wood, Plywood, Crabwood, Oak, Caoba, Purple Hearth And More, Call Us And Compare Our Low Prices. We Are The Factory. SOUTH AMERICA HARDWOOD. GREENHEART WALLABA ANGELIM WASHIBA...

Member since 1 July, 2010 from Santo Domingo, Guyana
We are regularly Selling: wood, ceramic, porcelain, mosaics, toiles, hand sinks, pinewoos, precious wood.
We are regularly Buying: plywood, pinewood, palletwood.
Primary Business Type(s): Manufacturer, Distributor / Wholesaler, Importer / Exporter
Buy & Sell Offers: 1 Trade Lead posted by Ahmad Group Building Supply
Products: 1 Product on sale by Ahmad Group Building Supply
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Caverich Goldbank & Straaten-Oak: Seller of: sand, gravel, lumber, scrap metal, gold, domestic buildings, industrial works, pre-fab buildings, real estate. Buyer of: building materials, paint, pine lumber, steel plates, derelic ships, steel pipes, aluminum fittings, pvc products, machinery.Caverich Goldbank & Straaten-Oak
Caverich Goldbank & Straaten-Oak provides Agency Services. We can broker any business needs in Guyana including the purchase of White Silica Sand and Mineral Properties. Additionally our subsidiaries conduct Property, Project, Estate and Construction...

Member since 6 June, 2012 from Georgetown, Guyana
We are regularly Selling: gold, real estate, sand, scrap metal, gravel, lumber, pre-fab buildings, domestic buildings, industrial works.
We are regularly Buying: building materials, machinery, steel pipes, paint, steel plates, pvc products, pine lumber, derelic ships, aluminum fittings.
Primary Business Type(s): Agent
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
Guyana Sand Port Inc: Seller of: bunker sand, construction sand, golf sand, plastering sand, sand, sand glass, silica glass, silica sand, white sand. Buyer of: aggregates, aggregates caribbean, beach sand, golf sand, plastering, sand, sand caribbean, silica sand, stones.Guyana Sand Port Inc
Our company is a complete Silica Sand Export Business located in Guyana. We have the best white Silica Sand in the Caribbean, suitable for beaches, construction, glass, plastering, concrete, golf courses and other uses. We have a private wharf, Minin...

Member since 25 February, 2009 from Georgetown, Guyana
We are regularly Selling: silica sand, sand, white sand, construction sand, golf sand, sand glass, plastering sand, bunker sand, silica glass.
We are regularly Buying: stones, silica sand, aggregates, sand, plastering, aggregates caribbean, beach sand, golf sand, sand caribbean.
Primary Business Type(s): Importer / Exporter
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
Trade Leads from from Guyana

* Sell: For Sale Cumaru, Kumaru, Tonka Bean
* Sell: Greenheart - Sipiri
* Sell: Wamara - Montouchi, Panacoco, Saboarana, Brown Ebony
* Sell: Tropical Logs for Sale - Wamara, Greenheart, Darina, Tatabu, Mora & Ka
* Sell: Gold exporter
* Sell: Electronics Scrap
* Buy: Coca Seeds
* Sell: 1080P Spy Shaver Pinhole Bathroom Spy Camera DVR 32GB
* Sell: Bathroom spy Camera Toothbrush Hidden Camera DVR 16GB
* Sell: Pan Ready Fish For Sale
* Sell: Fruits & Vegetables
* Sell: Sugar- Brazilian Icumsa
* Sell: RICE-Thai Rice, Pakistan Rice, Vietnames, Basmati etc
* Sell: Greenheart Pilings
* Biz. Op.: Gold Mining In Guyana
* Sell: Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Arthropods...
* Sell: Exotic Amimals - Birds, reptiles, Amphibians, Tarantula, Scorpions
* Sell: Reptiles Amphibian, Invertebrates
* Sell: Exotic Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians Mammals
* Sell: Wallaba shingles
* Sell: Exotic hardwood from south americafor sale
* Sell: Salted Caiman/Crocodile Skin
* Sell: IPE Decking
* Sell: Dried and Salted Shrimp and Fish
* Sell: Yellow Pinewood From Usa

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   Guyana plantain Suppliers
   Guyana frozen fish Suppliers
   Guyana locust Suppliers
   Guyana dressed lumber Suppliers
   Guyana scrap metal Suppliers
   Guyana green heart Suppliers
   Guyana charcoal Suppliers
   Guyana planks Suppliers
   Guyana coconuts Suppliers
   Guyana tatabu Suppliers
   Guyana amphibians Suppliers
   Guyana virgin coconut oil Suppliers
   Guyana snakes Suppliers
   Guyana dried fish Suppliers
   Guyana greenheart piles Suppliers
   Guyana doors Suppliers
   Guyana fish Suppliers
   Guyana gold Suppliers
   Guyana wallaba Suppliers
   Guyana panel doors Suppliers
   Guyana trout Suppliers
   Guyana turtles Suppliers
   Guyana tiles Suppliers
   Guyana garlic Suppliers
   Guyana mackerel Suppliers
   Guyana live birds Suppliers
   Guyana coconut Suppliers
   Guyana tyres Suppliers
   Guyana coffee Suppliers
   Guyana sawn timber Suppliers
   Guyana tires Suppliers
   Guyana marmoset Suppliers
   Guyana hardwood lumber Suppliers
   Guyana banana Suppliers
   Guyana crab Suppliers
   Guyana hardwood charcoal Suppliers
   Guyana spare parts Suppliers
   Guyana caimans Suppliers
   Guyana seafood Suppliers
   Guyana timbers Suppliers
   Guyana scrap iron Suppliers
   Guyana red snapper Suppliers
   Guyana caiman skins Suppliers
   Guyana furniture Suppliers
   Guyana saw lumber Suppliers
   Guyana coconut oil Suppliers
   Guyana sugar Suppliers
   Guyana silica sand Suppliers
   Guyana onion Suppliers
   Guyana sawn lumber Suppliers
   Guyana mdf Suppliers
   Guyana plastic bags Suppliers
   Guyana parakeets Suppliers
   Guyana dried coconut Suppliers
   Guyana sweet potato Suppliers
   Guyana plantains Suppliers
   Guyana peppers Suppliers
   Guyana lizards Suppliers
   Guyana fertilizers Suppliers
   Guyana poles Suppliers
   Guyana banga mary Suppliers
   Guyana anaconda Suppliers
   Guyana vitamins Suppliers
   Guyana copra Suppliers
   Guyana pineapple Suppliers
   Guyana sorrel Suppliers
   Guyana monkeys Suppliers
   Guyana shark Suppliers
   Guyana washiba Suppliers
   Guyana grey snapper Suppliers
   Guyana cables Suppliers
   Guyana pepper Suppliers
   Guyana shrimp Suppliers
   Guyana dried shrimp Suppliers

   lumber from Guyana
   logs from Guyana
   purpleheart from Guyana
   greenheart from Guyana
   reptiles from Guyana
   rice from Guyana
   mammals from Guyana
   mora from Guyana
   kabukalli from Guyana
   birds from Guyana
   wamara from Guyana
   decking from Guyana
   shingles from Guyana
   flooring from Guyana
   sand from Guyana
   vegetables from Guyana
   wood from Guyana
   watches from Guyana
   purple heart from Guyana
   fruits from Guyana
   toucans from Guyana
   primates from Guyana
   macaws from Guyana
   tropical hardwood from Guyana
   piles from Guyana
   parrots from Guyana
   plantain from Guyana
   frozen fish from Guyana
   locust from Guyana
   dressed lumber from Guyana
   scrap metal from Guyana
   green heart from Guyana
   charcoal from Guyana
   planks from Guyana
   coconuts from Guyana
   tatabu from Guyana
   amphibians from Guyana
   virgin coconut oil from Guyana
   snakes from Guyana
   dried fish from Guyana
   greenheart piles from Guyana
   doors from Guyana
   fish from Guyana
   gold from Guyana
   wallaba from Guyana
   panel doors from Guyana
   trout from Guyana
   turtles from Guyana
   tiles from Guyana
   garlic from Guyana
   mackerel from Guyana
   live birds from Guyana
   coconut from Guyana
   tyres from Guyana
   coffee from Guyana
   sawn timber from Guyana
   tires from Guyana
   marmoset from Guyana
   hardwood lumber from Guyana
   banana from Guyana
   crab from Guyana
   hardwood charcoal from Guyana
   spare parts from Guyana
   caimans from Guyana
   seafood from Guyana
   timbers from Guyana
   scrap iron from Guyana
   red snapper from Guyana
   caiman skins from Guyana
   furniture from Guyana
   saw lumber from Guyana
   coconut oil from Guyana
   sugar from Guyana
   silica sand from Guyana
   onion from Guyana
   sawn lumber from Guyana
   mdf from Guyana
   plastic bags from Guyana
   parakeets from Guyana
   dried coconut from Guyana
   sweet potato from Guyana
   plantains from Guyana
   peppers from Guyana
   lizards from Guyana
   fertilizers from Guyana
   poles from Guyana
   banga mary from Guyana
   anaconda from Guyana
   vitamins from Guyana
   copra from Guyana
   pineapple from Guyana
   sorrel from Guyana
   monkeys from Guyana
   shark from Guyana
   washiba from Guyana
   grey snapper from Guyana
   cables from Guyana
   pepper from Guyana
   shrimp from Guyana
   dried shrimp from Guyana

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