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Malawi B2B Marketplace -

Malawi B2B Marketplace is part of B2B Marketplace and it is displaying mainly companies, products and buy / sell trade leads from Malawi. If you are a company from Malawi or would like to do business with companies from Malawi or would like your company to be listed on Malawi B2B Website you are welcome to create a free account.

Top Companies from Malawi

Logo Company - Description
Rovuma Enterprises (Import & Exports): Seller of: filter cigarette, food, beverageliquors spirits, toilet soap cosmetics, hardwares, mobile phones accessories, hard soft wood timbers, electronic electrical suppliers, auto mobile lubricant. Buyer of: textiles, filter cigarette, beverage liquors spirit, hardwares, mobile phones accessories, automobile lubricant, soft wood, toilet soap cosmetics, chemical fertilizers.Rovuma Enterprises (Import & Exports)
ROVUMA ENTERPRISES is a sole corporate company known for its performance on trade and industry as the wholesalers and suppliers of all kind of goods, of local and foreign produced into our markets worldwide. Our company was established in 2007,a...

Member since 20 August, 2012 from Lilongwe, Malawi
We are regularly Selling: food, hardwares, mobile phones accessories, filter cigarette, beverageliquors spirits, toilet soap cosmetics, hard soft wood timbers, electronic electrical suppliers, auto mobile lubricant.
We are regularly Buying: hardwares, textiles, soft wood, mobile phones accessories, filter cigarette, beverage liquors spirit, automobile lubricant, toilet soap cosmetics, chemical fertilizers.
Primary Business Type(s): Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company, Importer / Exporter
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
Chicken for phalombe: Seller of: eggs, chicken meat, compost, live chicken, day old chicks, chickens, chicks. Buyer of: maize, peans, millet, soya beans, sun flower, chemicals, fish, vegetables, vitamins.Chicken for phalombe
We made 1000 young chicken a week from our 3 incubators, and sell them. We also keep hens and cock some for laying eggs and some for sell. We use 2*360 and 960 egg incubator, one*360 egg incubator. We bought from Surehatch South Africa and Ibought so...

Member since 11 March, 2011 from Blantyre, Malawi
We are regularly Selling: eggs, chicken meat, compost, chicks, live chicken, day old chicks, chickens.
We are regularly Buying: chemicals, maize, vegetables, fish, soya beans, millet, peans, vitamins, sun flower.
Primary Business Type(s): Manufacturer
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
Taurus Technologies: Seller of: inverters, electric fencing, computers, batteries, home appliances, electric generator, alarms, survey equipment, solar pannel. Buyer of: alarms, eletric fencing, solar pannels, computers, home appliances, led lights, inverters, ups, energy efficient bulbs.Taurus Technologies
Taurus Technologies recognises that a lot of buyers have an idea of what they want but they are not sure whats available, where, and also how to get the best out of their money. Thats where we come in, to help the customer match products to their bu...

Member since 18 September, 2006 from Lilongwe, Malawi
We are regularly Selling: solar pannel, home appliances, computers, batteries, inverters, electric generator, alarms, electric fencing, survey equipment.
We are regularly Buying: computers, home appliances, led lights, ups, inverters, alarms, solar pannels, eletric fencing, energy efficient bulbs.
Primary Business Type(s): Distributor / Wholesaler, Importer / Exporter
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
Digital Computer Solutions Limited: Seller of: computers, switches, ram, cat 5 cables, routers, power supply, hard drives, motherboards, peripherials. Buyer of: computers, switches, ram, cat 5 cables, routers, power supply, hard drives, motherboards, peripherials.Digital Computer Solutions Limited
Digital computer solutions limited was found in June 2009. The company was born to simplify all the computer problems which people had in the past. It is also there to help other people who can not afford to have a computer of there own to have it, b...

Member since 30 July, 2009 from Blantyre, Malawi
We are regularly Selling: ram, computers, power supply, switches, routers, hard drives, motherboards, peripherials, cat 5 cables.
We are regularly Buying: computers, hard drives, ram, power supply, routers, motherboards, switches, peripherials, cat 5 cables.
Primary Business Type(s): Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
Mwerob Export and Import Trading: Seller of: rose quartz, safty wear, office stationary, transport, building equip, food, engineering equip, timber, rubber. Buyer of: safty wear, office stationary, building equip, rubber, stones, engineerin equip, working suit, home equip, lubricants.Mwerob Export and Import Trading
The company, a trading firm, specialist in Export and Import, was incorporated way back in the year 2010, with its base in Luwinga industrial area, Mzuzu City. This is a company whose operation is entrenched in line with her mission statement...

Member since 30 January, 2011 from Mzuzu, Malawi
We are regularly Selling: timber, food, rubber, transport, rose quartz, office stationary, safty wear, building equip, engineering equip.
We are regularly Buying: stones, lubricants, rubber, office stationary, working suit, safty wear, building equip, engineerin equip, home equip.
Primary Business Type(s): Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company, Importer / Exporter
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
Trade Leads from from Malawi

* Sell: Rice and Cooking Oil
* Sell: Baobab Powder
* Sell: Cane furniture
* Sell: Moringa Powder
* Sell: Moringa Seeds
* Sell: Bird Eye Chillies And Green Bananas From Malawi
* Sell: Moringa oleifera seed
* Sell: Soya Beans
* Biz. Op.: Service station fuel tanks
* Sell: Sugar Beans
* Sell: Timber
* Sell: Jateorhiza columba
* Sell: Scrap Automtive Batteries
* Sell: Rough Blue Corundum
* Sell: Pigeon Peas
* Sell: Precious Stones
* Sell: Blue Corundum

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   timber from Malawi
   ground nuts from Malawi
   paprika from Malawi
   rice bran from Malawi
   tea from Malawi
   soya from Malawi
   maize bran from Malawi
   sugar beans from Malawi
   honey from Malawi
   birds eye chillies from Malawi
   aquamarine from Malawi
   gemstones from Malawi
   cow peas from Malawi
   sunflower from Malawi
   rose quartz from Malawi
   red kidney beans from Malawi
   coffee from Malawi
   cement from Malawi
   amethyst from Malawi
   moringa powder from Malawi
   tobacco from Malawi
   salt from Malawi
   computers from Malawi
   ruby from Malawi
   sorghum from Malawi
   tourmaline from Malawi
   blue corundum from Malawi
   eggs from Malawi
   garnet from Malawi
   chillies from Malawi
   stationery from Malawi
   cotton cake from Malawi
   cassava from Malawi
   cotton seed from Malawi
   lubricants from Malawi
   cotton from Malawi
   cotton lint from Malawi
   tyres from Malawi
   batteries from Malawi
   cotton seed cake from Malawi
   cooking oil from Malawi
   pegion peas from Malawi
   baobab powder from Malawi
   chickens from Malawi
   soya meal from Malawi
   corundum from Malawi
   bran from Malawi
   birds eye chili from Malawi
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   fish from Malawi
   cassava flour from Malawi
   wheat bran from Malawi
   columbite from Malawi
   coal from Malawi
   soybeans from Malawi
   office stationery from Malawi
   electricals from Malawi
   red beans from Malawi
   textiles from Malawi
   irish potatoes from Malawi
   peas from Malawi
   millet from Malawi
   shoes from Malawi
   gold from Malawi
   blue agate from Malawi
   tantalite from Malawi
   soy bean from Malawi
   tubes from Malawi
   bearings from Malawi
   blankets from Malawi
   natural honey from Malawi
   white beans from Malawi
   red garnets from Malawi
   peanuts from Malawi
   sunflower seeds from Malawi
   tiles from Malawi
   saphire from Malawi
   oils from Malawi
   pepper from Malawi
   minerals from Malawi
   agate from Malawi
   sesame seeds from Malawi
   timber products from Malawi
   wood curios from Malawi
   water pumps from Malawi
   ginger from Malawi
   generators from Malawi
   furniture from Malawi
   photocopying from Malawi
   routers from Malawi
   raw cotton from Malawi
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