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Phillipines B2B Marketplace -

Phillipines B2B Marketplace is part of B2B Marketplace and it is displaying mainly companies, products and buy / sell trade leads from Phillipines. If you are a company from Phillipines or would like to do business with companies from Phillipines or would like your company to be listed on Phillipines B2B Website you are welcome to create a free account.

Top Companies from Phillipines

Logo Company - Description
Gold Crest Aviary, Inc.: Seller of: exotic birds, parrots, macaws, cockatoos, conures, parakeets, lovebirds, birds, chicks. Buyer of: leg bands, baby bird foods.Gold Crest Aviary, Inc.
We are an aviary in the southern part of the Philippines engaged in captive breeding variety of exotic birds such as parrots, macaws, cockatoos, conures, and Lories. We specialize in breeding and handfeeding babies of these species. Currently we have...

Member since 31 January, 2012 from Ligao, Phillipines
We are regularly Selling: birds, parrots, lovebirds, chicks, macaws, conures, parakeets, cockatoos, exotic birds.
We are regularly Buying: leg bands, baby bird foods.
Primary Business Type(s): Manufacturer, Distributor / Wholesaler, Importer / Exporter
Buy & Sell Offers: 1 Trade Lead posted by Gold Crest Aviary, Inc.
Products: 1 Product on sale by Gold Crest Aviary, Inc.
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Goldcrest Petroleum Phils., Inc.: Seller of: diesel oil, mazut, crude oil, portland cement, gasoline, gas, bio-diesel, rice.Goldcrest Petroleum Phils., Inc.
Our company/group is engage in the business of importation, wholesale & distribution of petroleum products such as diesel, gasoline, crude oil, gas, bunker & etc. and to act as agent/or representative of oil traders/refineries whether local and abroa...

Member since 25 July, 2008 from Manila, Phillipines
We are regularly Selling: gas, rice, mazut, crude oil, gasoline, diesel oil, portland cement, bio-diesel.
Primary Business Type(s): Trading Company
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
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ACI PHARMA INC. (a subsidiary of ACI PHARM INC. U.S.A)ACI PHARMA INC. (a subsidiary of ACI PHARM INC. U.S.A)
ACI Pharma Philippines a subsidiary of ACI PHARM USA, a dynamic importer and supplier of a quality medicines that provide customers access to affordable medicines as well as help governments & healthcare providers around the world to manage growing h...

Member since 2 August, 2012 from Makati, Phillipines
Primary Business Type(s): Importer / Exporter
Buy & Sell Offers: 1 Trade Lead posted by ACI PHARMA INC. (a subsidiary of ACI PHARM INC. U.S.A)
Products: 0 - No Current Products
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Avilon Wildlife Conservation Park: Seller of: live animals, reptiles, birds, breeders, apes, mouse deers, white tigers, bearcat, tortoises. Buyer of: export, import.Avilon Wildlife Conservation Park
Wild life conservation park Breeders, exporter, importer with farm permit breeding loan agreement with other zoo in Asia and Europe too. Member of south east asian zoo association (SEAZA)

Member since 14 March, 2010 from San Juan, Metro Manila, Phillipines
We are regularly Selling: tortoises, birds, reptiles, live animals, white tigers, breeders, apes, mouse deers, bearcat.
We are regularly Buying: export, import.
Primary Business Type(s): Importer / Exporter
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
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Cadano Cargo Transport Services Inc: Seller of: customs brokerage, freight forwarding, packing, import, export, trucking, domestic, project cargo, clearance.Cadano Cargo Transport Services Inc
"CADANO CARGO TRANSPORT SERVICES INC. (Philippines) ”. is a dynamic and innovative logistics provider with global partners and affiliates that render full-scale services to its international clients. Backed by eight (8) years of extensive experienc...

Member since 6 June, 2011 from Pasay City, Phillipines
We are regularly Selling: freight forwarding, packing, customs brokerage, export, import, clearance, project cargo, trucking, domestic.
Primary Business Type(s): Importer / Exporter
Buy & Sell Offers: 0 - No Current Trade Leads
Products: 0 - No Current Products
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Trade Leads from from Phillipines

* Sell: D2 Diesel & EN590 10PPM
* Buy: Aluminum Scrap ADC 12
* Sell: Diesel EN 590 10PPM
* Sell: EN590 10PPM Diesel
* Sell: Russian Light Crude Oil
* Sell: Wild Honey
* Sell: Face Masks
* Sell: Petroleum Coke
* Sell: Sugar Icumsa 45
* Buy: UCO (used cooking oil)
* Sell: Used Rails
* Sell: Offer Of Canned Tomato Paste
* Sell: Customized PPE
* Sell: Petroleum products sales
* Biz. Op.: Emperador is Open for Export
* Sell: Exotic Birds for Sale
* Biz. Op.: HIGH Grade Silica in Philippines
* Biz. Op.: Security Guards Available
* Biz. Op.: Farm Workers Available
* Biz. Op.: Garment Industry Workers Available
* Biz. Op.: Factory Workers Available
* Biz. Op.: Engineers Available - Construction
* Biz. Op.: Welders Available - Construction
* Biz. Op.: Restaurant Staffing Available
* Biz. Op.: Housemaids Available
* Biz. Op.: Nurses Available - Philippines
* Biz. Op.: Manpower For Hotels & Restaurants
* Sell: Manpower For Construction
* Sell: Manpower Service (Philippines)
* Biz. Op.: Rapid Diagnostic Medical Kits
* Sell: Bitumen
* Biz. Op.: Tourism Real Estates Open for Investment
* Sell: Palm Kernel Shells
* Sell: Acacia Mangium Wood Chips
* Biz. Op.: Wanted Distributors
* Sell: Skin Care Creams & Body Lotions
* Biz. Op.: Skin Care & Body Lotions
* Biz. Op.: Construction Materials & Commodities
* Sell: Cigarette filter tubes and filter tips
* Sell: Palm Cooking Oil
* Sell: Fresh Hatching Ostrich Eggs
* Sell: Skin Creams & Body Lotions
* Sell: Filter Tips - RYO in Ziplock Bags
* Sell: Cigarette Filter Tubes Ultra Slim
* Sell: Filtered Cigarette Tubes and Filter Tips
* Sell: Cashew Nuts
* Sell: Cashew Nuts
* Sell: Tatiomax soap
* Sell: Glutathione soap
* Sell: Dental supply
* Sell: St. dalfour
* Sell: Dr. james glutathione
* Sell: Filler for face
* Sell: Glutathione Skin Whitening
* Sell: Shape
* Sell: Mesolipo slimming
* Sell: Saluta Glutathione
* Sell: Shiseido
* Sell: Rf and ipl machine
* Sell: Hair removal cream

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   medicines from Phillipines
   necklaces from Phillipines

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